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Tyson Gillard | 06.15.2016

In a state with extremely diverse landscapes... lush old growth forests, coastal dunes, volcanic peaks, sagebrush and juniper dominated high desert, and granite mountains there's one constant, incredible lakes can be found throughout Oregon. And in the state with the deepest and most recognizable lake in the United States, Crater Lake, we'd expect no less.

Now that summer is in full swing, we've created a guide to the state's best natural lakes so that you can make the most of the season.

​With each lake, we've also designated their key attributes to help in your weekend adventure planning, including:

  • Hike-in required (Hike)
  • Adjacent campground(s) (Campground)
  • Adjacent lodging (Lodging)
  • Boat rental (Boats)
  • Boat ramp (Ramp)
  • Motorized boats allowed over 10 m.p.h. (Motors)

​Oregon Coast

  1. Loon Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp, Motors)
  2. Lake Marie
  3. Tahkenitch Lake (Campground, Ramp, Motors)
  4. Eel Lake (Campground, Ramp)

Mount Hood + Clackamas River Area

  1. Serene + Rock Lakes (Hike: 8 miles, 330 ft. elev. gain)
  2. Little Crater Lake (Campground)
  3. Trillium Lake (Campground)
  4. Timothy Lake (Campground, Ramp)
  5. Twin Lakes (Hike: 5.3 miles, 1,000 ft. elev. gain)
  6. Frog Lake (Campground)
  7. Clackamas Lake (Campground)
  8. Laurance Lake (Campground)
  9. Lost Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats)
  10. Mirror Lake (Hike: 2.8 miles, 540 ft. elev. gain)
  11. Burnt Lake (Hike: 9.5 miles, 2,190 ft. elev. gain)

Mount Jefferson Area+ Santiam Pass

  1. Breitenbush Lake (Campground)
  2. Island Lake (Campground)
  3. Link Lake (Campground)
  4. Olallie Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats)
  5. Patjens Lakes + Big Lake Campground)
  6. Suttle Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp, Motors)

Willamette Valley

  1. Henry Hagg Lake (Ramp)

Willamette Foothills

  1. Clear Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp)
  2. Vivian Lake (Hike: 7.2 miles, 1,280 ft. elev. gain)

Central Oregon

  1. Demaris Lake (Hike: 10.8 miles, 1,100 ft. elev. gain)
  2. Todd Lake (Hike: 1.6 miles, 200 ft. elev. gain)
  3. Sparks Lake (Campground, Ramp)
  4. Waldo Lake (Campground, Ramp)
  5. Eileen + The Husband Lakes (Hike: 19.8 miles, 1,870 ft. elev. gain)
  6. Lava Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp, Motors)
  7. Little Lava Lake (Campground, Ramp)
  8. Lucky Lake (Hike: 3 miles, 400 ft. elev. gain)
  9. Cultus Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp, Motors)
  10. Hosmer Lake (Campground, Ramp)
  11. Paulina Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp)
  12. East Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp)
  13. Green Lakes (Hike: 8.4 miles, 1,100 ft. elev. gain)
  14. Three Creek Lake (Campground, Ramp)
  15. Moraine Lake (Hike: 4.6 miles, 1,500 ft. elev. gain)
  16. Devils Lake (Campground)
  17. Hand Lake (Hike: 2.6 miles, 200 ft. elev. gain)
  18. Elk Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp)

Ochoco Mountains

  1. Walton Lake (Campground, Ramp)

Southern Oregon

  1. Indigo Lake (Campground)
  2. Summit Lake (Campground, Ramp)
  3. Crescent Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp)
  4. Marie + Rockpile Lakes (Hike: 6.2 miles, 280 ft. elev. gain)
  5. Crater Lake (Campground, Lodging)
  6. Squaw Lakes (Campground)
  7. Lake of the Woods (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp, Motors)

Steens Mountain Area

  1. Fish Lake (Campground)
  2. Mann Lake (Campground)

Strawberry Mountains

  1. Little Strawberry Lake (Hike: 6.3 miles, 1,270 ft. elev. gain)
  2. Slide + High Lake (Hike: 9.3 miles, 950 ft. elev. gain)

Wallowa Mountains

  1. Wallowa Lake (Campground, Lodging, Boats, Ramp, Motors)
  2. Aneroid Lake (Hike: 12 miles, 2,850 ft. elev. gain)
  3. Ice Lake  (Hike: 20.6 miles, 3,190 ft. elev. gain)
  4. Glacier Lake (Hike: 27 miles, 4,000 ft. elev. gain)
  5. Crater Lake (Hike: 11.8 miles, 2,970 ft. elev. gain)
  6. Mirror Lake (Hike: 13.2 miles, 2,164 ft. elev. gain)


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