Pets allowed
Not Allowed
Elevation Gain
150.00 ft (45.72 m)
Trail type
2.20 mi (3.54 km)
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The trails of Granite Point and Moss Cove take hikers along a tour of Point Lobos' coastline and through several small loops that overlook ocean coves. The trail begins alongside Whaler's Cove where many people dive for the day to explore the ocean's depths. Trails lead through coastal pine trees with several openings looking out toward the ocean. Once at Granite Point the trees disappear and are replaced by coastal shrubs. The point is so named for the mound of granite at the peak of the point. When hikers make it to the Moss Cove Trail, they will notice that the trail opens into a large field. The Carmel Mission can be seen along with Mission Beach in the distance.

Take several minutes to scan The Pit, Moss Cove, and Whaler's Cove for egrets fishing or Pacific harbor seals hauled out on rocks. These seals actually spend about half of their life on land and the rest in the water. While searching for food, harbor seals can dive to 1,500 feet and hold their breath for 40 minutes! Typical dives, however, are shallow and between three and seven minutes long. Pacific harbor seals, like most mammals, are opportunistic feeders and therefore have a diverse diet that mostly includes many types of fish. Never should harbor seals be approached, either in water or land. Human disturbances have been known to cause seals to abandon haul-out sites or even their pups!

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Parking Pass

State Park Fee


Beautiful coastal views. ADA accessible to The Pit. Great bird and seal watching.


Poison oak.

Trailhead Elevation

74.00 ft (22.56 m)


Bird watching
ADA accessible

Typically multi-day




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