Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
640.00 ft (195.07 m)
Trail type
3.80 mi (6.12 km)
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Beginning from the historic ranch site at the Soderberg Open Space, the Stout, Sawmill + Nomad Trail Loop in Horsetooth Mountain Open Space near Fort Collins features 3.8 miles of singletrack, shared between hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. The trail travels through groves of ponderosa pine and wide open grasslands, which in the spring will be teeming with wildflowers. Skirting the western shore of the Horsetooth Reservoir in places, especially near Dixon Cove, the trail offers broad vistas of blue waters. In one of the most accessible parks and preserves near Fort Collins, it is within 15 miles of the city.

The trail begins at the Soderberg Trailhead, the site of the Soderberg Ranch, one of the early homesteads settled near the city of Stout, now partially submerged beneath Horsetooth Reservoir. The trail parallels the western shore for three-quarters of a mile. At a junction, continue left for two-tenths of a mile to another junction, joining the Towers and Nomad trails. The loop begins here; following the Nomad Trail to the right continues to parallel Horsetooth Reservoir, passing Dixon Cove along the way, while the Towers Trail ventures deeper into the foothills. Follow the Nomad Trail and keep right at a junction with the Sawmill Trail. At a junction with the Stout Trail, keep left again and continue to the Towers Trail, returning to the Swan Johnson Trail and the trailhead.

Be advised that the Stout, Sawmill + Nomad Trail Loop is a mixed-use trail, sharing the right-of-way between hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. Exercise caution when on the trail and be aware of others to avoid injury, especially when descending.

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General Day Use Fee


Variety of forest, prairie and open views.


Singletrack trails with common mountain bike traffic.

Trailhead Elevation

5,460.00 ft (1,664.21 m)


Bird watching
Big vistas

Typically multi-day


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