Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
1,108.00 ft (337.72 m)
Trail type
6.80 mi (10.94 km)
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Crazy Canyon is one of the first trailheads encountered within the Pattee Canyon National Recreation Area of Missoula. The moderate 3.4-mile trail provides an alternative to the popular “M” trail for reaching the summit of Mount Sentinel. Crazy Canyon is also a gateway into the intricate trail system in Pattee Canyon. 

Crazy Canyon Trail is actually a forest service road that’s been blocked off. The wide path leaves ample room for dog walkers, stroller pushers, and gaggles of bicyclists. The trailhead is an easy fifteen-minute drive from Missoula's southeast neighborhoods, so users should expect to encounter all of the above out on the trail. But Crazy Canyon is crowded only for Missoula standards, which means sometimes on the weekends it's hard to find parking. 

Fortunatley even on the busy days the trail doesn’t feel overcrowded. Plenty of side trails and singletrack branch off and entice users to go every which way throughout Crazy Canyon. First-time visitors should keep the guide handy if they want to navigate off the main path. Black Bear Trail is a fun singletrack alternative that parallels much of Crazy Canyon.

The first three miles of the trail makes an easy-to-moderate climb through an aromatic pine tree environment. The final half-mile to the summit of Mount Sentinel is exceptionally steep. Users can hop on the switchbacking Mount Sentinel Summit Trail here to avoid calf cramps.

The top of Mount Sentinel provides a nice scenic reward. The city is on full display from this vantage point, bordered by the Rattlesnake Mountains to the north and Lolo Peak to the south. After taking a rest and enjoying the view, users can head back down the Crazy Canyon Trail or utilize alternate side trails that filter down to the parking lot. 


Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass


Open Year-round



Dog friendly. Summit hike. Several side adventures available.


Parking lot can be crowded on weekends

Trailhead Elevation

3,944.00 ft (1,202.13 m)

Highest point

5,052.00 ft (1,539.85 m)


Vault toilet
Family friendly
Big vistas
Bird watching

Typically multi-day


Suitable for


Permit required




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