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Elevation Gain
1,200.00 ft (365.76 m)
Trail type
2.00 mi (3.22 km)
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The Garden Wall is a sharp ridge in Glacier National Park that is a part of the Continental Divide. The name accurately describes the location, as in the summer months the Garden Wall Trail is surrounded by wildflowers and lush greenery.  

The trailhead for Garden Wall can only be accessed by trails from the west that run through the Granite Park Chalet or via the 15-mile-round-trip Highline Trail. Because of this, crowds on the Garden Wall are usually minimal, and the expansive views can be enjoyed and photographed without hordes of other hikers around.

From the Garden Wall Trailhead the path ascends a steep-and-rocky slope to the top of the divide. The gain of approximately 1,000 feet over less than a mile is absolutely worth the effort, as the views from the Glacier Overlook are arguably some of the best in all of Glacier National Park. To the east you will look over the ice fields and teal waters of Grinnell Glacier, Grinnell Lake and the string of lakes beyond leading to the Many Glacier region of the park; to the west the view is also stunning with the McDonald Creek Valley and the steep slopes flanking Lake McDonald.

For those that are sure-footed and not bothered by some heights, be sure to keep hiking to the south from the Glacier Overlook to gain the extra elevation. The views higher up on the ridge only keep getting better and better as you go higher and higher. From the higher ground, the view is especially grand to the east over Grinnell Lake, Lakes Josephine and Swiftcurrent Lake.

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National Park Pass


Highest view of Grinnell Glacier. Panoramic view of Glacier National Park.


Only accessible via long hikes (but this also keeps the crowds down).

Trailhead Elevation

6,700.00 ft (2,042.16 m)


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Big Game Watching



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