Pets allowed
Not Allowed
Elevation Gain
1,374.00 ft (418.80 m)
Trail type
5.30 mi (8.53 km)
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Looking for a great place to finish off the evening in Glacier National Park? The overlook is just the place to do so, with a magnificent view over the whole valley you can guarantee you will have some great views of a Montana sunset. 

With only about 200 parking spots you want to make sure you arrive early, or you will be stuck walking. To give yourself enough time to arrive for the sunset make sure you are getting to the trailhead about three hours before sunset because it will take you about an hour to two to get to your spot and set up. Also, on the trail, there is a good chance that you will see wildlife such as marmots, chipmunks, moose, elk, or bears so be sure to be a safe distance away from the animals for safety. 

At the trailhead Logan's pass visitor center provides bathrooms and an information center, so you can stick around and learn a little bit of history about the park. To start the trail you will be walking onboarded walkways making causal footwear a great option for the hike. At about the first mile you will stumble across a wooded overlook offering great views of the lake and the valley below. For a mile and a half, you will be descending into the valley eventually arriving at the banks of the Hidden lake. If you decide to complete the trail then you will not have as good of views of the valley but you will have access to stunning blue water in the lake. 

Once you start the hike be sure to take your time because most of the elevation gain will take place at the beginning of the hike so make sure to conserve your energy. If you choose to go all the way down to the lake then you will have access to the crystal blue water, making a perfect scene for a picture but you will have to ascend back up the trail adding to your elevation gain. At the lake, you will have a great backdrop of the mountains and forestry offering a great place to take family photos. While at the lake be sure to carry your bear spray and be alert, the lake is a common water source for bears so be sure to stay alert and stay calm if you stumble across a bear. 

While going all the way to the lake is a great option, stopping about a mile before near one of the overlooks offers the best views of the whole valley including surrounding glaciers and mountains. At both the first and second overlook you will have a great panorama of the whole valley making it an easy spot to set up the gear and get ready for the sunset.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass

Admission Fee

Open Year-round


Open from

May 15 to October 15


Stunning sunset.


May have some mosquitos.

Trailhead Elevation

6,644.00 ft (2,025.09 m)

Highest point

7,220.00 ft (2,200.66 m)


Vault toilet
Family friendly
Near lake or river

Typically multi-day


Permit required


Permit self-issue on site




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