Pets allowed
Not Allowed
Elevation Gain
2,700.00 ft (822.96 m)
Trail type
2.20 mi (3.54 km)
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Chimney Mountain isn’t as high as most peaks in the Adirondacks, but what it lacks in height it makes up for in spunk. Its popularity doesn’t derive from its difficulty, but from the rock chimney that rises from the summit and the many rock crevasses and caves that are in the mountain below. The hike is only 1.1 miles to the summit and begins at The Cabins at Chimney Mountain, a cluster of rentable cabins on the Kings Flow.

Over halfway up the steep slope a trail branches off to the left from the main trail. If followed, this path will lead you to a number of small caves that are hidden among the boulders and trees that cover the side of the mountain. These caves are not elaborate, but they are fun to explore during the summer months. At the mouth of some of the deeper caves you can feel the cold air rise up from the depths. If you continue to follow the side trail, the marked route will take you over a rocky ridge with a view of the summit above. At the end of the ridge is the entrance to the maze-like cave system called Eagle Cave. This system is marked by many spray-painted arrows that can be difficult to follow at points. Many of the tunnels inside are cramped, and some portions are difficult to navigate, but at the end of the system is a geocash.

This cave, and all of the others on the mountain, are only accessible from June 1 to October 14 to preserve the ecosystem of the bats that reside there.

You'll near a branch in the trail as you follow the main trail up the mountain. The right takes you to two or three camping sites, while the left takes you to exposed rock spires and brilliant views. Amidst a number of crevasses and boulders is the geological masterpiece of the Chimney. Only those proficient in rock climbing should attempt this line, but there are many rocks to scramble up. All in all, it is not a bad place to spend a sunny afternoon.

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Great views. Climbing. Caving. Camping.


Steep trail. Occasional crowds.

Trailhead Elevation

1,700.00 ft (518.16 m)


Backcountry camping
Rock climbing
Big vistas



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