Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
85.00 ft (25.91 m)
Trail type
0.40 mi (0.64 km)
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A quick, up-and-down jaunt through an old-growth forest of Douglas fir, big leaf maple, western red cedar, and Pacific yew finishes at an elevated viewing platform overlooking the 113-foot Toketee Falls.  The North Umpqua River falls 28 feet before plummeting another 85 feet over a wall of volcanic columnar basalt.

The view can simply be described as graceful and pretty, which is exactly what the word Toketee means in Chinook. While the final descent of some 100 steps may be strenuous for some, this scenic trek is short enough that it's still appropriate for hikers of all ages.

Prior to the plunge, the waters build up power as they push through the narrow gorge they've carved over the millennia.  Along the way the aquatic forces have even sculpted an upstream pothole (a cylindrical or bowl-shaped crater beneath the water's surface) that is visible from a riverside viewpoint.

Once you return to the trailhead, you can't miss the redwood-stave wooden pipeline that runs the length of the parking lot. The flowline is 12 feet in diameter and part of the North Umpqua Hydroelectric Project, a post-World War II work project completed in December 1949.  The project still provides water from Toketee Lake to three generator turbines, which in turn supplies enough energy to power about 22,500 homes in Douglas County.

Logistics + Planning

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Parking Pass

Not Required


A quick, moderately easy, all-ages hike. Great views from a platform in the trees.


A number of stairs (97 steps up and 125 down) can be strenuous for some.

Trailhead Elevation

2,370.00 ft (722.38 m)


Big vistas
Old-growth forest



The trail itself is quite lovely to meander along and explore.
Off-highway 138 (heading towards Crater Lake), we came across the trailhead for Toketee Falls.

The hike is pleasant, and the trail hangs tight to the river that eventually flows over the falls. There are stairs, however, I can not complain about them because it didn't personally bother me. For some, it is a hassle and can be a challenge, you've been warned :)

The viewing area of the falls is quite breathtaking. Because of our limited time (and not being prepared), we did not make our way down to the base of the falls. That required a bit of rock climbing and traveling light, which we weren't ready for. Next time!

Beautiful area to get out, stretch your legs, have a snack and enjoy!
Hey, I want to upload a video of the first ever documented jump from the top of these falls!
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