Trail difficulty
Elevation Gain
470.00 ft (143.26 m)
Trail type
0.00 mi (0.00 km)
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Although this is not the expansive high alpine ride that typically comes to mind when one imagines the joys of mountain biking in Utah, there are several virtues that make Mountain Ranch Bike Park deserving of your time. Mountain Ranch Bike Park was actually the first park of its kind in Utah. Its construction initiated momentum in trail building advocacy that has enabled mountain biking in Utah to mature into its current form. Also, there is a surprising variety of terrain and difficulty built into the park, making it a perfect place for your first ride as well as a great place to hone your advanced skills. Perhaps most valuable, though, is the fact that the park’s desert environment and low altitude make it often ridable year round, which is a priceless boon to cabin-fevered riders.

At the bottom of the park you'll find a skills area composed of various ladder-style wood features, man-made rock gardens, a pump track, and beginner to intermediate level tabletop dirt jumps. These provide the opportunity to improve your technique in a low penalty environment.

The cinder path on the west side of the park will take you up to the original, lower trails. You can then follow the fire road up to the saddle or find one of the singletrack trails that will wind through junipers up to the top of the park. A huge number of trails and alternates are packed into this hillside, but they all keep you within easy walking distance to your car should anything mechanical go wrong. The climbs are all relatively easy with very rewarding descents. You’ll find berm-filled flow sections, multiple wood features, plenty of rock gardens and drops, and a trail to fit any riding style.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass

Not Required


Accessibility. Year-round riding. Varying skill levels.


Sometimes busy. Not always maintained. Not your typical Utah mountain biking.

Pets allowed


Trailhead Elevation

4,905.00 ft (1,495.04 m)


Bird watching
Big vistas



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