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Saratoga Hot Spring is a great natural soaking pool located in the lakeside wetlands at the northwest shore of Utah Lake. It is alternatively known as Inlet Hot Spring in many resources. To visit the spring, park at Inlet Park and take the cement path southward. After 150 yards enter a grove of trees and soon the soaking pool is on your left surrounded by mud, reeds, and fantastic views of the Wasatch Mountains as a backdrop.

The spring water seeps from several sources that feed into the main pool. The water is a comfortable temperature, generally just below 100 degrees. There is a lot of room, but it can still become crowded on weekends. A bench and towel rack have been provided by the city, which are quite useful since the ground around the pool is almost always muddy.

When not soaking, look for the narrow path through the reeds out to the edge of Utah Lake where you can do bird watching and snap panoramic photos of the mountains. Sunset is stunning from this location. Make note of where the return trail is, because it can be hard to locate among the reeds, especially after dark.

The city of Saratoga Springs allows access to the hot spring from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. A local ordinance bans nudity, and alcohol is not allowed on site either. Law enforcement does patrol the area.

Logistics + Planning



Parking Pass

Not Required


Easy access. Comfortable temperature. Large pool. Awesome views.


Close to a residential area. Can become crowded. No access after 10 P.M.



Number of pools




My email is [email protected] and I will come back and delete this comment just as soon as I hear from you, or in 48 hours. Whichever comes first!
I live in Saratoga Springs, and publish a community newsletter. I have a little article about the hot springs in it, and am trying to find the perfect picture of the springs so people will know what to find. I ran across your pictures. I was wondering if you'd give permission for you pics of the tree/path and the springs to be used in our (free) newsletter. Credit to you and the outdoor project would be provided of course.
Used to visit when a sign announced area was clothing optional.
Not any more. A paved trail now goes most of the way in. Cops charge in looking for noisy kids drinking. Utah county has an anti-nudity ordinance.
Area is quite muddy now and water level is somewhat lower.
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