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Hey I’m Ryan,

Born and raised in the Bay Area of California I constantly sought space. Brought up on a combination of stories of adventure and inspired by a trip my family took to Patagonia; I developed a keen sense of adventure from a young age. Post high school I spent a year traveling solo throughout Central and South America returning to Patagoina, this time aiding in developing a national park. Quickly followed by an extended stay in New Zealand where I had the opportunity to hitch hike and climb around the country. All the while developing a global education and trying to eternalize those experiences through photos. I traded in a passport for a textbook when I began to study at Fort Lewis College where I graduated with a degree in Marketing. With nothing but endless desert cracks to the west and rugged mountains to the east I honed my mountain craft spending summers working as a mountain guide in the Weminuch Wilderness. Currently I’m living in Golden my photos and stories are the forms in which I attempt to preserve and ultimately share those ever evolving experiences with you. I truly hope you enjoy them the way I have.

Sincerely; Ryan "Danger" Riggins

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