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Kyle Jenkins | 02.15.2019

What does a year of new adventures look like? And how might those adventures change throughout the months and seasons in a calendar year? With our 12 Months of Adventure content series, we'll be diving into exactly that.

For each month throughout 2019, we'll be highlighting a different outdoor activity/focus and inviting you to follow along and take on a new adventure (or 12). Tapping the expertise of our knowledgeable Contributors, we'll be providing educational resources, how-to tips, and trip ideas and excursions—so you can get out and start racking up adventure time, pronto.

Leo and Ursa Major are among the best targets for astrophotographers in spring. Fernando Boza.


March: The Month of Photography

February: Adventure Training | April: Mountaineering/Climbing


As spring approaches, our snow-covered mountains begin to reveal themselves to the world once again. Animals begin to wake up from their winter slumbers, while others make their way back from southern escapes to birth and rear their young.

The trees, plants, and flowers restart their annual cycle of growth, and outdoor enthusiasts are not far behind with cameras in hand. The blankets of white terrain are finally ready to burst into a dozen fresh colors and give us a whole new pallette to work with. This is a great time to get outside with your camera and a great time to learn new skills or re-visit old ones.

There are so many great ways to knock off the photographic rust in the spring: long exposure waterfall photography, macro flower photography, mother and young wildlife photography, or capturing dynamic landscapes with snowcapped peaks and their vibrant green meadows below. It is also a great time to challenge yourself with new types of photography that you might not have tried in the past. Just like the flowers, the best parts of spring always seem to go too quickly, so don't waste any time in planning your next adventures.

How Tos and Gear Reviews

Adventure Recommendations

Spring is a great time to enjoy the southern parts of the U.S. before the thermometer tops out in summer. Plan a road trip through the deserts of the Southwest or book a flight to the beaches of Hawaii or Florida to beat the heat and the crowds.

The spring melt also makes an ideal setting to photograph some of the nation's best waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest just as the wildflowers begin to make their annual appearance. We all know the short days of winter can take a toll on our mind, bodies, and souls, so embrace the coming warmth and the extra daylight. Grab your camera and get out there!

We hope you get inspired by 12 Months of Adventure and are able to take on some new adventures this year. Don't forget to let us know about your spring photo adventures by tagging your photos #12MonthsofAdventure on Instagram and by adding a comment/photos in the comments section below. Happy trails!

The 12 Months of Adventure:

From mountaineering to outdoor photography, from paddling pastimes to environmental stewardship, 12 Months of Adventure aims to cover a breadth of interests that connects everyone in a deeper way with the outdoors. Follow along each month with a new 12 Months of Adventure focus:

  1. January: Snowventures
  2. February: Adventure Training/Fitness
  3. March: Photography
  4. April: Mountaineering
  5. May: Running
  6. June: Vehicle-based Camping
  7. July: Paddlesports
  8. August: Mountain Biking
  9. September: Hiking + Backpacking
  10. October: Wildlife + Fishing
  11. November: Conservation, Stewardship + Volunteering
  12. December: Skiing + Snowboarding


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