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Jill Sanford | 02.07.2018

Microadventures are shorter, easily achievable activities you can complete after or before work, on the weekend without too much travel, and throughout your work week without taking time off. They are a great way to fuel your inner adventurer while still juggling your various responsibilities, including work, family, social life, etc.

In most cities, microadventures are usually small excursion that are often suitable for beginners or those who like to get after it on a smaller scale. In Denver, however, outdoor recreation reigns supreme and your options for microadventures are kicked up a notch compared to other regions in the country.

Don’t get us wrong; we all have to start somewhere, and sometimes those shorter adventures are perfect even after we progress as outdoor adventurers. But in Denver, you don’t have to sacrifice hardcore experiences because of time or proximity to the city.

Here are 10 reasons why Denver is the perfect city for an outdoor enthusiasts looking to get outside and still live a balanced life--and they all are considered microadventures because they are close to or within the city and easily accomplished in just a few stoke-worthy hours.

  1. Mountain biking: Elk Meadow + Bergen Peak Loop
  2. Hike and bike: Waterton Canyon
  3. Run stairs: Red Rock Amphitheater & Park
  4. Rock climb: Eldorado Canyon
  5. Hike: Castle Trail
  6. Camp: Sawmill Hikers Campground
  7. Swim: Eben G. Fine Park
  8. Mountain biking: Little Scraggy
  9. Camp: Prospector Campground
  10. Kayak, float and swim: Confluence Park


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