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Jonathan Stull | 06.17.2017

Imagine a pristine meadow: The sun hangs low in the sky, casting a golden light, swatches of cotton-like clouds drift above the peaks of an alpine valley, their slopes converging to a lake surrounded by verdant fields of grass and wildflowers. These places are idyllic havens for wildlife, wildflowers, and wanderers. For this installment of the #52WeekAdventureChallenge, we celebrate the meadow.

Meadows like these are delicate, and they are critical habitat for some species, some of which have all but disappeared with the meadow. Britain may have lost up to 97% of its wildflower meadows, and along with it precious habitat for the endangered marsh fritillary. In Oregon, management of meadows has changed the habitat of the endangered silverspot butterfly as well, interrupting the natural cycle meadows for which recurring fire prevented the growth of forest.

For people, they are places that belong to daydreamers. Their wide expanses beckon us to lie among the grass, listen to the birds, the hum of the bees, and watch the clouds as they pass by. Find yourself there with a picnic and a partner. Go there on a long hike and stay awhile. Enjoy the peace and quiet, because there isn’t a better contrast to the chaos of the city.









British Columbia


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