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Jill Sanford | 09.06.2017

What wildflowers are to spring, fall colors are to autumn.

Walking along the forest floor with bright yellows, stunning oranges, shocking crimsons, and enchanting maroons overhead is an unforgettable experience. Standing on top of a monumental peak far above the treeline and seeing the warm colors of fall clash with the evergreens on a mountainside below is also an iconic fall sight. Same with paddling a glassy and smooth lake through the mist to catch a glimpse of oranges, reds, and yellows on the other side of the water. Or watching yellow aspen leaves as they rustle in the wind as you lie snuggled in your sleeping bag on the ground below. 

As these vibrant shades begin to emerge from the greens and browns we see throughout the rest of the year, do yourself a favor and get out to see some of the most iconic fall color destinations. Whatever your ideal fall getaway looks like, chances are it includes some of the experiences above that you don't want to miss out on in the coming months. 

A change of pace, scenery, weather and adventures are all things to be excited about as the dog days of summer slip slowly into autumn. Regardless of whether you feel more comfortable in the heat of summer or the chill of winter, most people love the feeling of the seasons changing. 

Even though the weather gets cooler, that doesn't mean you need to slow down when it comes to outdoor adventures. You might be a weekend warrior, a microadventurer, or a true-blue outdoor enthusiast, but whatever your preferred type of adventure is, autumn is an amazing time to get out and get moving.

As the leaves change color, get out and see some of the best fall foliage that this season has to offer: 

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