Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
100.00 ft (30.48 m)
Trail type
7.50 mi (12.07 km)
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The Yampa River Core Trail is a 7.5-mile multi-use trail that runs through downtown Steamboat Springs. Whether you want to walk, ride, or float, spending time along the river is a must for those visiting the area. There are a number of parks and swimming holes along the trail that make it a great activity for the whole family. 

The Yampa River Botanic Park is one of those parks that is certainly worth a stop. The 6-acre park is home to 40 different gardens, ponds, and sculptures. 

If you'd like to explore the river by tube, rentals are allowed below the 5th Street bridge. You'll find a few rental companies along the river ready to supply you with a tube to enjoy for a few hours. Don't miss Charlie's Hole and D-Hole; they are both great spots to catch boogie boarders and kayakers playing in the waves or to stop and dip your toes in the water. 

The trail also offers great fishing access to the Yampa River. If you're lucky and you miss the tuber hatch, you'll catch yourself a rainbow trout. 

As you approach the library, there are a few hot springs worth checking out. Leave your bathing suit at home as none of these springs are suitable for soaking. 

You'll know you are near Sulpher Spring by the strong odor pouring from the hole in the ground. It's said that the water in this spring has been used to treat a number of ailments, but we don't recommend taking a sip.

Steamboat Spring is the famous spring from which Steamboat derived its name. When people first started to visit the valley, this spring was actually a bit of a geyser that hurled water 15 feet into the air. The construction of the railroad disrupted the spring; it now bubbles and gurgles, but it is no longer a geyser. 

Black Sulphur Spring has a milky black-blue color that results from a conversion of hydrogen sulfide into sulfur. 

If you want to soak in a local spring, pay a visit to Strawberry Hot Springs or Old Town Hot Springs.

Logistics + Planning

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Parking Pass

Not Required


Multi-use trail. Historic landmarks.


Can be crowded for biking through town.

Trailhead Elevation

6,649.00 ft (2,026.62 m)


Historically significant
ADA accessible

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