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Pueblo Bonito, or Beautiful Town, is one of Chaco Canyons most significant sites and a must-see for anyone visiting Chaco Culture National Historical Park. It was constructed by the Ancestral Puebloans between 850 and 1150, and it is thought to have been the center of the Chacoan world by anthropologists. Pueblo Bonito consists of around 800 rooms, with buildings up to five stories high and walls that are up to 3 feet thick in sections. It also contains over 40 kivas, or subterranean circular structures used for religious purposes.

The short trail first rises to an overlook providing a panoramic view of the ruins and the surrounding landscape. As the trail descends to the central plaza it winds along multi-storied buildings, kivas, and crumbling walls. A section of the path leads inside the buildings, giving visitors a chance to fully appreciate the skill and precision of the Ancient Puebloans.

Due to the fragile nature of this World Heritage Site, please stay on the trails and do not climb, lean, or sit on the structures.

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Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
Chaco Culture National Historical Park

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