Max slope angle
30-45 Degrees
Vertical descent
2,000.00 ft (609.60 m)
4.00 mi (6.44 km)
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The Seagull Chute is an aesthetic, steep chute that sits directly below the summit of Mount Tuscarora. The summit of Mount Tuscarora has incredible views of the Wasatch as it sits in the back end of the range, looking over the entirety of Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood Canyons. Enjoy the views, and then ski a steep, rocky chute. Touring the Seagull Chute makes for a rewarding day that you are bound to remember.

From the Grizzly Gulch parking lot, skin up the snowcat road, flirting with the boundary line of Alta Ski Resort. Do not worry if the skintrack wanders inbounds – this is allowed, just follow the signs for where to enter and exit.

The skintrack essentially follows a gully all the way up to Catherine's Pass. The climb is mellow and should take a couple of hours, so sit back and enjoy the scenery. Mount Superior can be seen below, towering above Alta and Snowbird. Devil's Castle to the south is a large, craggy rock face that is beautiful and provides a great backdrop.

Once at Catherine's Pass, go left (north by northwest) up the steep ridge to the summit of Mount Tuscarora. The ridge can be skinned during periods of soft snow, or bootpacked. There will usually be a trail for both. Ascend the steep ridge for about 500 to 700 feet until you reach the summit! To the south, the views of Mount Timpanogos are astounding. To the west, the entirety of Little Cottonwood canyons is laid out before you. Mountains like the Pfeifferhorn, Mount Superior, American Fork Twin Peaks, and Devil's Castle await your viewing pleasure. To the east, the high peaks of the western Uintas can be seen, providing a 360-view of high peaks and beautiful valleys.

To return to the car, skin back up after skiing the chute to Catherine's Pass. From the pass you can ski all the way down to the parking lot.

Logistics + Planning

Parking Pass

Not Required


Great views. Steep skiing. Easy access.


Proximity to ski resorts.

Trailhead Elevation

8,780.00 ft (2,676.14 m)


Nearby Lodging + Camping


FWIW, this is also possible from Brighton. Unlike the rest of the Cottonwood resorts, they (as of Feb. '20) allow uphill travel during operational hours along designated routes. For this, you'd use the "Lost Maid" route, exiting towards Lake Mary and then following the established skinner to Catherine Pass.

The advantage of doing it this way is that you get two more awesome descents below the Seagull. The first is down to Lake Martha. From there, transition for a quick climb and then enjoy the Dog Lake Chutes back to Brighton proper.

Ofc, these are all subject to avy conditions and should only be done during periods of stability.

The starting elevation is roughly the same for Brighton vs. Grizzly.
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