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Jill Sanford | 07.03.2017

Nevada is an often overlooked outdoor destination, and there is way more to this area than casinos and strip malls. Whether you plan to stick close to Las Vegas, tour the state’s many hot springs, or check out the incredibly varied and diverse public lands, Nevada offers a rugged and interesting escape of any kind.

Feeling up for a quick plunge or paddle? Explore the first chunk of adventures below, which offer beautiful bodies of water that you might be surprised to find in a state known for it’s desert scenery. If you are craving those dramatic rock formations and dry beauty Nevada has a reputation for, then scroll on down to learn about this area’s best places for sand, rock, and mountain adventures. Up for something altogether quirky? The last couple of items on this list are man-made and unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Lakes, rivers and hot springs

Sand, rocks and mountains

Man-made and abandoned


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