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Halvor Tweto | 02.27.2018

The snowy gales may still be whipping through mountains near you, if you’re lucky enough to have seen snow this winter, but in spite of this final bluster, we know that March is all about transition. The fierce storms have blown out, and warmer trends soften the snow, swell the rivers, and coax bulbs from thawed earth. Arctic anomalies aside, it’s hard to grumble when birdsongs and the smell of new blooms float through the air. Maybe your favorite trails are opening or firming up. Maybe you received your boating permits for the upcoming season. Maybe you’re lining up your summer camping reservations. 

Regardless, for those of us who aren’t focused on spring skiing objectives, March marks a transition into a new set of passions. To fuel those passions heading into the summer season, we want to take a look back at some highlights from Summer 2017. Each summer and winter we recognize the most productive participants in our Contributor Rewards Program in addition to outstanding individual adventures from those Contributors who shared some truly memorable moments throughout the season. To these folks we offer awards as a thanks to them for enriching the Outdoor Project Community and for generously feeding our passions for the outdoors. 

2017 was an extraordinary summer for Outdoor Project Contributors. From May 1 through October 31, Outdoor Project Contributors added 1,427 new adventures to the site! This remarkable volume of adventures was also diverse: From classic adventures in the West to new explorations in the East and iconic international locations, this set of adventures epitomizes the sense of adventurous exploration that is a hallmark of the Outdoor Project Community. Without further ado, we’re exited to announce the Summer ’17 Contributor awards and prize winners! Congratulations to all of the winners, and a big thanks to each and every Contributor whose passion for the outdoors continues to shape Outdoor Project into the best resource for outdoor adventure. 

Finally, a huge thanks to our sponsor, MSR, who makes awards like these a possibility.

Best Overall Adventure Submission

1. Tour du Mont Blanc

By Kevin Murray. Prize: $500 credit for MSR product.

2. Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail

Photo by Emily Pennington. Prize: $350 credit for MSR product.

3. Upper Merced River: Headwaters to Little Yosemite Valley

Photo by Priscilla Macy. Prize: $250 credit for MSR product.

Best Action Photo

See the winning photos in the slideshow above.

1. Upper Thomas Creek by Priscilla Macy. $300 credit for MSR product.

2. Mount Hood: Leuthold Couloir by Dan Sherman. $200 credit for MSR product.

3. China Wall + Koko Kai Beach by Kyle Jenkins. $100 credit for MSR product.

Best Landscape Photo

1. Oxbow Bend by Aaron Shady. $300 credit for MSR product.

2. Mystic Falls by Fernando Boza. $200 credit for MSR product.

3. Mount Goode: Northeast Buttress by Benjamin Krause. $100 credit for MSR product.

Best Adventure Description

1. Saint Thomas Ghost Town by Shaun Hunter. $300 credit for MSR product.

2. Salt Creek Canyon by Calvin Perfall. $200 credit for MSR product.

3. Vinicuna / Rainbow Mountain by Emily Pennington. $100 credit for MSR product.

Best First Adventure

Phil Foster Park by Ana Garcia. $250 credit for MSR product.

Top 10 Pro Contributor Point Totals:

  1. Kyle Jenkins: 582 AP. Prize: $750 credit for MSR product.
  2. Shaun Hunter: 359 AP. Prize: $500 credit for MSR product.
  3. Denis LeBlanc: 336 AP. Prize: $500 credit for MSR product.
  4. Kevin Murray: 300 AP. Prize: $400 credit for MSR product.
  5. Basil Newburn: 292 AP. Prize: $400 credit for MSR product.
  6. Stephanie Keene: 206 AP. Prize: $350 credit for MSR product.
  7. Daniel Sherman: 199 AP. Prize: $350 credit for MSR product.
  8. Jeremy Small: 177 AP. Prize: $300 credit for MSR product.
  9. Emily Pennington: 169 AP. Prize: $300 credit for MSR product.
  10. Aaron Shady: 154 AP. Prize: $300 credit for MSR product.

We will be in touch with winners to discuss orders and codes!


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