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Jonathan Stull | 04.26.2019

At long last, the time as come to announce the winners of the summer 2018 contributor awards! This is our chance to honor the contributor community that makes up the heart of Outdoor Project. We are what we are in large part because of the great people who adventure into the outdoors to document the places that they love and showcase them for others to enjoy.

Outdoor Project published more than 700 adventures last summer, bringing together outdoor destinations from around the globe that we've never featured before. Among them are the first-class photography and the spirit of adventure that we've come to expect from our contributor network. Thank you all for everything that you do.

Without further delay, here are your award winners for the summer of 2018!


Best Overall Adventure Submission

Little tents, big world, and an enormous volcano on the Goat Rocks Thru-Hike. Dan Sherman.

1. Goat Rocks Thru Hike by Dan Sherman

1st Place Prize: $500 credit for MSR product.


Carefully managed cedar forests on the Nakahechi Route. Much of the thru-hike passes through well-developed religious and cultural sites. Tam McTavish.

2. The Kumano Kodo: Nakahechi Route by Tam McTavish

2nd Place Prize: $350 credit for MSR product.


Beach hiking on the West Coast Trail. Calvin Perfall.

3. The West Coast Trail by Calvin Perfall

3rd Place Prize: $250 credit for MSR product.

Honorable Mention: Diavolezza, Munt Pers + Sass Queder Hike by Ethan Rambacher

Best Action Photo

Find the photos in the slideshow above.

  1. Ginnie Springs - Liah McPherson. $300 credit for MSR product.
  2. Capitol Peak - Calvin Perfall. $200 credit for MSR product.
  3. Kodiak Near Island Channel - Lydia Cullum. $100 credit for MSR product.


Best Landscape/Wildlife Photo

Find the photos in the slideshow above.

  1. Pothole Point Trail - Aaron Shady. $300 credit for MSR product.
  2. Birding at Pipeline Road - Fernando Boza. $200 credit for MSR product.
  3. Everest Base Camp Overview - Patrick Nichols. $100 credit for MSR product.


Best Adventure Description

  1. Archangel Valley Climbing - Amber McDaniel. $300 credit for MSR product.
  2. Pacific Crest Trail, Section A - Mike Windsor. $200 credit for MSR product.
  3. The Beaten Path - Stephanie Keene. $100 credit for MSR product.


Best First Adventure

Otter Creek Wilderness Loop - Dave Kiel. $250 credit for MSR product.


Top 10 Pro Contributor Point Totals

  1. Shaun Hunter - 1,017 AP. $500 credit for MSR product.
  2. Kyle Jenkins - 462 AP. $400 credit for MSR product.
  3. Tam McTavish - 459 AP. $400 credit for MSR product.
  4. Denis LeBlanc - 325 AP. $300 credit for MSR product.
  5. Ethan Rambacher - 237 AP. $300 credit for MSR product.
  6. Mike Windsor - 212 AP. $300 credit for MSR product.
  7. Allison Herreid - 191 AP. $200 credit for MSR product.
  8. Jason Leach - 177 AP. $200 credit for MSR product.
  9. Dave Kiel - 149 AP. $200 credit for MSR product.
  10. Stephanie Keene - 126 AP. $200 credit for MSR product.

Last but not least, a huge thanks to Mountain Safety Research (MSR Gear) for helping making these awards possible.


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